Maytag mdc4809pab Specification Review

Maytag mdc4809pab is one type of portable dishwasher newly offered at an affordable price but has two times better performance in cleaning dirty dishes and all your eating utensils. Equipped with advanced specifications, this product became the most widely recommended and reviews.

maytag mdc4809pab diswahser review

  • Maytag mdc4809pab tube material

Tube dishwasher is now supported by two popular material that is plastic and stainless steel. Stainless Steel is used for many types of dishwasher built in, while the plastic material is suitable for the type of portable.

Maytag mdc4809pab in the category of portable type that has a tube of anti-bacterial plastic. Although some experts claim that the plastic is the one that makes the dishwasher becomes noisy when running, but the dishwasher mdc4809pab supported by Quiet Pack sound package.

Although it has a score of 64 dBA decibels, sound attenuation package exist inside the tube is able to make mdc4809pab remains one of the quietest dishwasher.

  • Maytag mdc4809pab Racks

Number rack in a dishwasher so keep in mind for those of you who are planning to buy a portable dishwasher. Number rack Maytag mdc4809pab divided into two upper and lower rack, and also comes with a length silverware basket.

Rack is used in this product is made from Vinyl-Coated materials which have to make the rack is very easy to clean and resistant to heat.

Categorized as a dishwasher “Tall Tube Design” Maytag mdc4809pab allows you to wash the dishes in larger quantities.

  • Energy consumption per year

Energy Star certified, mdc4809pab energy consumption is 295 kWh per year. It is one dishwasher energy efficient and environmentally friendly, which costs only $ 35 per year.

  • The number of programs and wash cycles

This is one part that can make mdc4809pab performed two times cleaner. This model is equipped with 5 wash cycles that can be combined with a choice of 4 programs.

Portable dishwasher 24 inches

This dishwasher has overall dimensions measure 37 in. x 24.13 in. x 26.5 ins. With this size Maytag mdc4809pab still can be connected easily and quickly to the kitchen faucet and do not require a permanent installation. Wheels on the bottom make this portable countertop dishwasher can be placed wherever you like.

  • Extra features

JetClean II Wash System, 4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper, and Twice the Life Motor is an advanced feature that is only owned by the Maytag brand dishwasher. Extra features are there to serve mdc4809pab Jet pressure spraying system, destroying food particles until smooth, and able to make the Spray Arm upper and lower spin very well.

  • Maytag mdc4809pab Comptetitors

In the portable category, mdc4809pab is not the only new dishwasher that you can choose, there are many other products that rivals the brunt of this model, if you are interested to read a comparison between mdc4809pab vs. WDP350PAAB please click here.