Innovative Dishwasher Models for Modern Kitchens

Do you have plans to start cleaning dishes and eating utensils with the help of machines? You need a dishwasher. This tool not only helps you in cleaning, but also make your kitchen look more modern.

The modern kitchen is a workspace should have an attractive paint, good lighting and fitted an innovative product. There are many kitchen design layout that could be an option, the L shape, U shape, one-wall, two walls, open plan, and island. And of course a dishwasher needs to be placed there.

You can add a Maytag portable dishwasher in your kitchen. MDC4809PAW dishwasher and MDC4809PAB are the two best models ever offered by Maytag. Both models are equipped with an innovative feature called JetClean Plus.

Maytag JetClean Plus feature benefits

What is JetClean Plus?

This is an excellent feature that is installed on all Maytag dishwasher including portable countertop dishwasher type. JetClean Plus is a water spray feature with a stronger pressure to the tube during the cleaning process runs.

The workings and benefits of JetClean Plus features

JetClean plus combined with a feature called 4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper and Twice the Life Motor. All work together to ensure the best dishwasher has a maximum cleaning process and more hygienic.

Quoting from the official site Maytag :

Uses high-pressure spray jets to remove tough food particles. A stainless steel food chopper pulverizes food, preventing particles from plugging the wash system and spray jets. The filtration system captures tiny food particles to prevent redistribution during the cycle for optimal cleaning without the need to prerinse.

Please see further how JetClean Plus features clean all dishes and cutlery through the video below.

Video by AJ Madison



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